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RoseMary Paris launched the perfume of the football star player and top scorer in the Saudi League Omar Alsomah,   in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and Turkey


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Rosemary Paris has signed a contract with the super star player and top scorer in the Saudi league Mr. Omar Al-Suma , On the production of the fragrance of the special soma - os9 - Which will be manufactured and produced in the best Paris factories according to the highest international standards, in the presence of Captain Wajdi Taweel, Mr. Abdullah Al-Sumah and Al Sheikh Yahya Al-Qahtani . 

Proud of you

Khadija Benguenna

 Special thanks to the TV broadcaster Al-Jazeera - Khadija Benguenna on her visit to Rosemary Paris boutique in Turkey - Mall of İstanbul . 

Omar Alsomah

 Special thanks from Rosemary Paris to the excellent player and the top scorer of the Saudi Premier League Mr. Omar Alsumah on his visit to our branch at Stars Avenue Mall in Jeddah, where he expressed his admiration for the wonderful products and their Excellency ,,,, 

Samer Al Masri

 Special thanks to the famous Syrian actor ( Samer Al Masri ) on his visit to Rosemary Paris boutique in Egypt and see all of its products and expressed his admiration for the level of its magnificence and quality. 

Khaled Mekdad

 Special thanks from Rosemary company to Mr. Khaled Mekdad for his visit to our branch in Aziz Mall - Jeddah .
We are very pleased to see you 

Gokhan Ozen

 ROSEMARY PARIS opened its first branch in Turkey - Istanbul - Mall of Istanbul , attended by the most famous singer Gokhan Ozen and many of media such as the Turkish press and Television . 

Dareen Albayed

  Special thanks from Rosemary Paris to the comedian star Mrs. Dareen Albayed on her visit to our branch at Stars Avenue Mall in Jeddah .

Dr. Kholoud

 RoseMary Paris Boutique with Dr. Kholoud in Kuwait

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Rosemary Paris seeks to create everything new and modern to meet the needs of its customers .

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Rosemary takes into account all the opinions and observations of its clients .




RoseMaryParis has been in the market for so many years , well received by the savvy customers who cherished and appreciated its oils that are unique and long lasting . 

RoseMary Paris is not only a perfume brand that is specialize in presenting the best of the best ,with a beauty that charms all audiences 

RoseMary is re-launching according to the French standards with high quality presentation, yet safeguarding its core principles held during the mid-ages era spirit 

Our story


RoseMary Paris is a French artistic perfumery house that was established in 2006, specializes in capturing the essence of beauty and passion of the French monarchy era, creating an elegant yet contemporary bewitching essences that fascinates the soul and reflects luxury .

 Throughout the years of the brand development and success, RoseMary was well received by the savvy customers who appreciated its essences that are unique and long lasting, and after such a remarkable success, and to build on a strong and loyal customer base, the brand started expanding internationally, by forming an alliance with a pioneering French perfume manufacturer and developer, which will provide a world-class expertise and know-how, and help creating a state of the art quality products 


 French hospitals, at one time, burnt Juniper berries with rosemary to correct vitiated or poor quality air and to prevent infection. They may have also used “rosemary” for healing powers. In the French language of flowers, rosemary represents the power of rekindling lost energy. 

 RoseMary name was inspired from “rosemary” herb which is known as (an evergreen aromatic shrub of the mint family, native to southern Europe. The narrow leaves are used in perfumery, and as an emblem of remembrance). Rosemary found its way into Shakespeare’s best masterpieces, As Ophelia says in “Hamlet”:
“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember”

He also mentions how the English once placed rosemary in coffins and around graves in “Romeo and Juliet” when Father Lawrence says:
Dry up your tears, and stick your Rosemary on this fair Corse” 


 RoseMary will remain a premium French perfume house that will contribute in the development of extraordinary perfumes with unique packaging, and will keep its customers pleased and satisfied. 


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